New to our Travel collection are two gorgeous leather bags made right here in Boston exclusively for Craft & Caro. You won’t find these anywhere else!

Starting with Massachusetts-tanned cowhide, the two guys at LTHR Supply cut panels to make the main body of the bags. They’re sewn at the seams and riveted at stress points for extra durability. Then come black American bison leather handles and straps, and finally solid brass fittings for closure and shoulder strap attachment.

Bourbon LTHR Supply Rucksack Boston Public Library

Shoulder straps are secured to the bag by swivel clips that easily go on and off, making it a breeze to reconfigure from backpack to crossbody to briefcase, with two straps, one strap, and no straps, respectively. The smaller size, called the Commuter Attaché, snugly fits a slim 13” notebook like a MacBook Air. The larger Commuter Rucksack features an interior laptop sleeve that’s good for up to a 15” notebook like a MacBook Pro. The Rucksack also sports an exterior, quilted leather pocket on the back of the bag – a super soft, subtle accent that remains hidden while the bag is worn.

Black LTHR Supply Attache Beacon Hill

Offered in two colors, black and bourbon, these pieces are styled easily. Depending on your aesthetic, the black is sleek and subdued while the bourbon, with it’s black straps contrasting a brown body, is rustic and bold, and much more noticeable. Indeed, as we tested the bourbon Attaché on the streets of Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Portland, OR, and Montreal, compliments from strangers were a plenty! Nobody has seen a bag quite like this before.

Check them out here and don’t wait too long – we only have three of each!