New to our Relax collection is a line of candles inspired by the travels of their maker, Mason Hainey of MIZU.

Each candle is scented to represent a country: England, Germany, Norway, Greece, Thailand, and Japan. Peony, rose, and gardenia evokes the refined hustle and bustle of London. Lemongrass, jasmine, lavender, and rose conjures the majestic floodplains and cascading mountains of Thailand. Whether or not you have experienced these locations in person, each olfactory combination is distinct from the next, and recognizably corresponds with the spirit of it’s place, transporting you there through nose and mind.

MIZU candles Japan mountain bamboo

MIZU hand pours each candle in small batches in Connecticut, USA, using 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrances, and essential oils. They burn clean and light, never pungent, subtly scenting the air without overwhelming their surroundings. A convenient metal screw top makes for clean traveling, without getting anything in the wax, nor getting the wax on anything, and also allows for easy storage if use is infrequent. All-white wax, a frosted glass jar, and white labels offer a modern, minimalistic aesthetic, versatile enough for almost any styling environment.

At just $22.50, these are some of the most affordable luxury candles you’ll find!

Check out this unique line of candles in the Relax collection at Craft & Caro here:

MIZU candles top package