We are proud and excited to announce that Massachusetts-based American Bench Craft is now available in Craft & Caro’s Travel collection!

This family owned and operated brand was founded by two brothers right here in Massachusetts to build simple but functional, durable but stylish, extremely high quality leather goods, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

American Bench Craft front package

Each American Bench Craft wallet is constructed of a single piece of premium vegetable-tanned USA steerhide bridle leather and steel or brass rivets. That’s it – nothing else. There is no stitching of any kind, no adhesives, zippers, snaps, velcro, or plastic. There are no moving parts or closures on these wallets, just smart design. The simplicity of the materials, along with their quality, means that these pieces will last a lifetime under heavy use, and probably even longer. As with many other goods at Craft & Caro, your grand kids may inherit an American Bench Craft piece someday, still in perfectly usable condition.

Various sizes, folding configurations, and rivet patterns create each different design, from a minimalist take on the traditional billfold wallet to the sleek, compact half wallet and front pocket wallet. The cardholder offers a slightly Western flair – the only piece incorporating curved lines.


American Bench Craft Riveted Leather Card Wallet


We also have American Bench Craft key fobs. Made with the same values and commitment as the wallets, these would probably be the last key fobs you’ll ever need. The dual-snap offers quick, easy, compact functionality with sleek, black hardware while the more traditional design bears the weight and length you might want for your most important keyrings.


American Bench Craft Key Fob Group



All of the above products start out tough and rigid, and break in over time with use. Indeed, depending on the unique activities of the owner, each piece will develop a unique patina with the warmth of his body, the oils of his hands, and the ups and downs of his daily life. Thick leather and solid rivets will stand the test of time, even while they soften and yield to wear.

Check out these All American pieces today in Craft & Caro’s Travel collection: http://bit.ly/AmericanBench