Today another Massachusetts brand is now available from Craft & Caro, this time in the Groom collection.

Similar to yesterday’s addition, Brothers Artisan Oil was founded – unsurprisingly – by two brothers! The Shea boys say it best themselves:

“We believe grooming should be simple and primal. Our goal in creating Brothers Artisan Oil was to create effortless products that would tame our hair, protect our skin, and nourish our beards, while attracting mates with an appreciation for superior facial hair. When we found our hair shinier, beards longer, and beds full, we decided it was time to bring our product to other worthy men. Use it in good manliness”

And honored we are to count Craft & Caro and you who follow us among those worthy of such a creation.

Brothers Artisan Oils are exceedingly simple and versatile, with formulations exhibiting delicacy and sophistication. Made with argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, and scented with a blend of essential oils, they can be used on beard, mustache, bare cheek, forehead, neck, and hair. Basically your whole head can be luxuriated with these oils. They’ll treat and nourish all of the above. Facial hair will be conditioned to prevent dryness and splitting. Skin is moisturized and left glowing and smooth. Hair becomes shiny and full, with a light styling hold. There couldn’t be a more straightforward way to start your day.

Brothers Artisan Oil Trio

The scents are perfectly balanced, producing intoxicating aromas without overwhelming the senses. They last all day but, other than the first few minutes post-application, only come out in passing whiffs or upon aggravation of one’s beard or hair. Rosewood & Cedarwood is woodsy and earthy, “a scent born in a log cabin.” Sage & Mint Forest is refreshing, green, and herbal, “a bottled grove of trees wet with morning dew.” Orange & Grapefruit is a crisp combination of natural scents, the notes of fruit are clean, invigorating, and manly.

Available in 1oz. apothecary bottles with glass dropper caps, each one can last several months, depending on usage. Or try all three in one box with the trio, containing a 0.5oz compact bottle of each.

These handmade, hand bottled, hand labeled oils are truly first-rate, and we’re proud to offer them at Craft & Caro. Try a bottle today from this link:

Brothers Artisan Oil Rosewood Cedar in box