Today’s addition, number five of 30 in 30 days, is small but mighty: staples, made in Denmark by Folle, the iconic desk accessory manufacturer.

Staples are pretty much staples – these aren’t gold plated or anything like that. But they are made specifically to go with Folle’s most notable design, the Stapler 26. They are of commensurate quality with Stapler 26, being the highest there is, and they come in a matching Folle 26 box. The box may indeed be the most interesting thing about these staples – it’s repeating type pattern in black on off-white evoking a sort of mod aesthetic.

Folle 26 Staples box repeating

Folle 26 staples come 5000 to a box so unless you really do a lot of stapling, one should last quite a while. They’re standard ¼” size so they will fit in other staplers, too, including all those carried at Craft & Caro.

See these fine staples and other matching desk accessories in Craft & Caro’s Work collection here:

Folle 26 Staples stacked