We pick it back up again today with the Double Wave business card holder from Folle.

Designed by Folmer Christensen of Denmark, this desktop card holder is as the title says, a double wave. The vertical wave creates the perch on which 20-30 of your business cards sit. The horizontal wave is harder to perceive from some angles, but very apparent from straight-on.

Folle Double Wave Card Holder head on

The Double Wave is solid steel with a polished satin finish for an elegant, modern aesthetic, making an edgy but playful, design-aware statement on behalf of anyone upon whose desk it sits. The flows of simultaneous vertical and horizontal curvatures create illusory visual impressions that almost always warrant a double-take, and keep the piece interesting time and again – as any work of art should – challenging the onlooker to decipher exactly what it is he or she is seeing.

Folle Double Wave Card Holder angle left

Such a simple, easily overlooked item on almost every professional’s desk, elevated to beauty but far from gauche. See the Double Wave card holder, designed and made in Denmark by Folle, available in Craft & Caro’s Work collection today: bit.ly/FolleDW

Folle Double Wave Card Holder side