Added today in our Work collection, we present preeminent paper goods maker Rifle Paper Co.

Founded in 2009 by husband and wife Anna and Nathan Bond, Rifle has been churning out fine paper goods adorned with sometimes dreamy, sometimes cheeky, always beautiful designs ever since. Rifle uses only made-in-USA, FSC-certified feedstock, environmentally conscious printing methods and inks, and hand assembles and packages everything in their studio in Winter Park, Florida. With our love of gold and slant toward the masculine, we’ve chosen just a few of our favorites for the Craft & Caro shelves, with more to come.


Hello Cards

Rifle Paper Co. Assorted Hello Cards

The Hello series is meant for just that, saying hello! With a blank interior, what to say after that is entirely up to you, making these pleasantly easy to use for all sorts of things; thank-yous, don’t-forgets, you’re-inviteds, I-miss-yous. Heck, even don’t-call-me-anymores (and what a nice way to do it, too!). Four gold-stamped illustrations adorn the cover to start the conversation with the standard salutation, and matching envelopes are included. Take home a set of your favorite design, or opt for the assorted set with two of each.


Pocket Notebooks

Rifle Paper Co. pocket notebook set

“With paper and implement at hand, one need never be bored.”

– Monsieur Philosophe


That’s not a real famous quote but it could be because it’s true. These blank, unruled little notebooks provide infinite analog entertainment, not to mention utility, right from your back pocket. Coniferous and deciduous illustration stamped in gold on front and back cover against matte black on one, blush on the other, these come in twos. Jot down ideas, creative tidbits, doodle away. The possibilities are endless. Pair with a bullet pencil for ultimate pocket-readiness.


You’re A Fox

Rifle Paper Co. You're A Fox at Craft & Caro

While maybe not as well suited for professional correspondence, this quintessential card is sure to work on its recipient. There may be no better way to tell the Fox in your life you like his steez. Once again blank on the inside, the slate is yours to fill with the particulars of Fox’s attraction whether it’s his cunning mischievousness, natural aesthetic, or possibly his tophat and monocle (that would be great). No matter, this mail is guaranteed to elicit that elusive flattered chuckle.


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