Our first solid colognes are here! Along with a new bar soap and shave cream, too. From down South a bit, these are from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Solid cologne is an immensely convenient form of fragrance, being that there’s no liquid to spray or spill. It can be applied anywhere without intruding on the nearby would-be-splashed, and it’s highly concentrated, so one quick touch of the finger from wax to wrist and you’re all set. Onlookers need not even know what rarefied deviousness just transpired. Really, that’ll be enough. Inconspicuously rub wrist to wrist and if you see fit, each to the opposite side of your neck, and your intimate vicinity shall be an olfactory delight!

Fulton and Roark_Solid Cologne_info cardPocket-sized, solid metal containers make this slight of hand especially doable. And while 0.2oz isn’t big, it lasts a good long while, so don’t worry about running out any time soon.

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne_Tin_openThree scents match personality and occasion. Shackleford is warm with notes of amber and sandalwood, rich and round, hints of campfire. Hatteras is fresh, light, and green, a classic sport scent with hints of tennisball and light spice. Tybee is light and clean, subtle musk, on a backdrop of rosewood and cedar. All three are well balanced, masculine, and accessible.

Fulton and Roark_Solid Cologne_groupFulton & Roark shave cream is something special. Emollient and non-foaming, it’s made to be used without a brush. Squeeze a small dollop into your fingers and apply directly to your skin, spreading across the desired area. Avocado, tea tree, jojoba and citrus oils ensure a smooth, close, irritant-free shave that will leave your skin moisturized and calm. Bergamot, spearmint and ginger grass scent make shaving with this cream an awakening but relaxing experience. As with all F&R products, a little goes a long way, and with the built-in roller you’ll never struggle to get every last drop out of this tube.

Fulton and Roark Shave Cream with soap in package


Last but not least, the bar soap! This stuff has caused a veritable frenzy amongst aficionados, as it’s achieved something so few bar soaps manage to do: not dry out your skin. Shea and cocoa butters, olive oil, glycerine, and oat flour combine to create a rich, moisturizing lather that nourishes while it cleanses. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skins. Moroccan red clay, eucalyptus, sage, black spruce, white grapefruit, and black pepper oils give it a faint scent light enough for daily use without overwhelming other fragrances in your routine. Triple milled, this soap bar can last months.


Available now in Craft & Caro’s Groom collection, check out this line of fine, made-in-USA grooming products intended just for gentlemen: bit.ly/FultonRoark