Fiddle no more with traditional keyrings! Craft & Caro’s got you covered, with the easiest keyring ever designed, now in our Travel collection.

Such a simple innovation: add a bend in one section of the ring to create leverage, allowing the user to press down on one side, raising the other side so that keys can be added easily. No need to fumble around with troublesome split rings anymore. No need to break nails or teeth. No need to gouge yourself. This simple system makes it so easy to put keys on and take them off, you’ll never want to use the old kind ever again. I cringe when I see them now.

Exotac FREEkey frontThis ingenious little set was designed in Sweden by Drosselmeyer, an industrial design firm made famous by rave reviews from the likes of Oprah. Manufactured under license in the USA, these high-grade stainless steel pieces will last a lifetime. A soft matte finish, rounded edges, and flat ring design give it a unique, luxurious feel and aesthetic. Three included mini rings allow for organization and grouping into your on-and-off needs, such as home, work, and car, so it’s quick to exchange sets depending on the day’s activities.

Exotac FREEkey w/keysWho knew a key ring could be so great? Check em out here in the Travel collection alongside our selection of other high quality, American made keychain accessories: