For my first review we decided to start with something fundamental to daily life: brushing one’s teeth. And the essential pair of items to do it — in this case, The Scuba toothbrush and Theodent toothpaste, featuring a curious patented formula derived from chocolate! For a week I brushed each day (twice or maybe even three times, if my dentist asks) with the new brush and the toothpaste. Here’s what I found out.

First the brush. Finally! A toothbrush to be excited about. The Scuba feels more like a tool in your hand than a toothbrush. It’s craftily manufactured from soft, flexible rubber with a plump ergonomic handle and an angled brush head for precision scrubbing. Better yet the Scuba comes in right-handed and left-handed versions — quite a gratifying breath of fresh air for this world weary lefty. My hand just wants to reach out and hold it. The idea here is control, and you’re going to want it for the oversized brush head. That’s right – we did it to the golf club, we did it to the tennis racket, now Radius has done it to the toothbrush.

Radius Scuba toothbrush in hand


Like with some other innovations in history, I was a little perplexed, maybe even intimidated, when I first picked it up. After a few times around the block I got the feel for it, adjusted my brush stroke and quickly understood why the Scuba is a superior oral care tool. The bristles, made from natural vegetable-based nylon, are pleasantly soft, much softer than your average toothbrush. Couple this with the oversized head, which naturally scrubs your gums and palate as much as your teeth, and you have an advanced implement that cleans and massages simultaneously.

No fear for those with sensitive gums prone to bleeding or sores either — this brush is gentle. Cleaning is more efficient too. It’s possible to cover large areas of your mouth in a few minimal motions. On top of that I felt like an eco-champion, since this brush is 100% petroleum free and made in Radius’ own Pennsylvania factory, which produces two thirds of it’s own electricity from solar panels. And thanks to the Scuba’s dynamic design and quality composition, it’s likely to last three to four times longer than your average toothbrush. That means less plastic in my trash.

Scuba toothbrushes


Now let’s spread some of the good stuff on that beast! Enter Theodent. My appreciation for this novel toothpaste began at first sight, with the elegant filigreed box and matching tube, both a rich dark chocolate color that’s easy on groggy eyes. I was surprised when the product itself came out a nice clean white. I was expecting some lighter shade of brown, since this toothpaste is made from chocolate. That’s right, chocolate. Sort of… Here we have a truly innovative dental cleanser.

Theodent Classic


Theodent uses theobromine, an extract from the cocoa bean, as the main ingredient in its proprietary fluoride alternative (called Rennou). This makes it entirely non-toxic, while still a powerful formula for protecting and strengthening your teeth’s enamel.  According to Theodent’s research, theobromine has actually proven to increase the size of the mineral crystals that compose your enamel by fourfold. That means more protection for your dazzling smile, and considering that it was the mellowest-tasting toothpaste I’ve ever used – more like an after dinner mint than, well, toothpaste – I was quite impressed that it could be so anti-cavity. And I thought chocolate couldn’t get any better! I guess it’s just another instance where science and nature work in graceful synergy to create an effective natural alternative to a synthetic product.

Delicate Theodent and Supple Scuba – the match made in dental heaven.

Theodent toothpaste Scuba toothbrush