There is always a way to evolve.

The Strop provides us with a simple step forward by renewing a bit of the past.

It’s actually a classic barbershop tool — that leather strip the barber runs his straight razor over (like in Charlie Chaplin films). Shave Face redesigned it with a special grade of denim, for use with disposable razor cartridges and safety razors. Run your blades along The Strop a few times after each shave and voila! Rejoice as those pricey cartridges last two months instead of two weeks.

You just evolved. And you haven’t even had your coffee yet.

We have all tried squeezing a few extra shaves out of a dull cartridge. You know that struggle. You grin and bear it, while you calculate how many days until you can justify popping on a new blade. A tinge of frustration arises as you try to convince yourself that this system is satisfying your needs.

We say nay! That is no way to live. Deliver yourself from the burning itch of compromise. Break the chains of the feudal shaving system. Take control, by learning to care for a possession you’ve been trained to neglect!

This isn’t just evolution, it’s revolution.

Turn the discardable into the sustainable. And why not do it in style? Raw denim, rich oiled leather and solid brass buttons make The Strop a handsome showpiece for your bathroom too.

Rugged materials, solid craftsmanship, smarter shaving. Love it.

It’s one more way Craft & Caro is helping to foster a smarter, richer daily existence.