Two og choices from each collection. All in-stock and ready to ship anywhere in the continental US with guaranteed 3-day delivery (most places in 2 or 1-day). It’s not too late to get the old man something to last the rest of his days.


Folle Tie Rack $42
made by Folle in Denmark

Cashmere Clothes Brush $80
handmade by Kent in England


Troy Travel Wallet $129
cut & stitched by hand, by Lajoie in Montreal, Quebec

Overland Garment Bag $480
handmade by Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota


Miles High Desk Valet $79
handmade in New York by Miles High


Hardwood Swisschamp $117
made by Victorinox in Switzerland

Jackson Cannon Bar Knife $79
made in Ayer, MA by R. Murphy Knives

Space Case Grinder from $26
made by Space Case in USA